From Paint Booths, Mix Rooms, and Prep Stations to filters and curtains, we can provide a mountain of resources to help you with future investments. We deal with multiple manufacturers in all areas associated with Paint Booth equipment.


Sales Consultation

If you are looking for some guidance on what to look for in a paint booth, we can help. We can help with deciding if you need a heated booth, or what size of booth, or maybe you just need a spray wall to increase 15% more in production. We can help you find ways to get more out of your shop.




Problems always happen at the worst time, especially with paint booths. We understand that the booth is a major arterie in your shop production. When a problem arises, this can put a stop to everything. This is why we are very skilled in the operation of any paint booth. Most booths, all operate on the same principles but have different parts. So if you can understand the basics, it can help figure out the differences in each booth. Most of this knowledge is second hand to us. It shows in the time it takes to diagnose a problem or if we are able to get you running again over the phone. These are the things you should look for in a service company.

In most cases, if your booth in not operational, we will strive to be there the next day.




From Accudraft, USItalia, Garmat, and more, we can install and relocate any booth in the market. We handle every aspect of the installation process. Permitting, concrete work, installing duct, and fire up are all things we have decades of experience with.




The root of almost all problems with a paint booth come from the lack of maintenance. The process of changing the filters and cleaning the booth on a consistent basis can eliminate the majority of paint problems.



Intake, Exhaust, and Pre-Filters all have different life spans depending on use and material that they are made of. This can be complicated to figure out what is best. Regardless of this, a tight maintenance schedule to change the filters out is as important as the prep work that goes into painting something. We can help find the right schedule for your shop.



Over-spray and trash in the booth can cause problems in the paint when you least expect it. Power washing and applying preventive materials on the walls of the booth can help cut down on paint problems. This results in less buffing and repainting. We can clean from inside and out of the booth. The duct is one area of the booth that is often overlooked. Clean duct can result in better airflow and reduced fire hazard.